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Our aim is to humbly partner with leaders to draw God’s presence into hearts, homes, churches, and marketplace settings, and bring His transforming power into communities and nations.

Mark Daniel is a visionary, apostolic leader, author, international speaker, and revival carrier. He has traveled to many nations with a calling to awaken and stir the Church to join God in His work of bringing transforming revival to hearts, homes, congregations, communities, and nations. Mark has served, along with others, as a catalyst to see the reality of a significant moving of God on a national scale. The countless global testimonies of the family, marketplace, and corporate transformation are lasting fruit of the ministry.

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As our nation continues to face challenges and crises, we feel that the Lord is transitioning us into a new era where revival is drawing near. Many people, of all races and generations, are feeling the tug of moving into a higher calling. What if that tug was from the Creator Himself to propel you into your God-ordained higher calling that Paul refers to in Philippians 3:13-14? In his most activating book yet, Pastor Mark Daniel dives deep into the fullness and power of what Christ does to give us a robust, enriched, Spirit-led life that fulfills His purposes for this time in history.

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Reviving Nations is a cross-denominational, international ministry that exists to partner with churches and ministries in seeking revival, and to awaken nations into their redemptive callings and destinies. We seek to empower the Church to fulfill its Kingdom mandate to finish the work of Christ in their nation.



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