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As the earth is shaking in a way many have never seen, there is a sense that we are on the cusp of a drastic and dynamic societal shift. What many don’t realize is that their spiritual life can affect, influence, and transform society through prayer. Pastor Mark Daniel authored and applied the principles in this book to help restore entire nations back to the purposes of the Lord.

You will learn the Biblical reality of the physical realm and the spiritual realm and how to operate as a priest of the land. Whether in your own heart, your home, or your workplace you will be encouraged on how to build and maintain your altar of prayer to the Lord. Never has there been a more perfect time to take hold of your spiritual weapons and learn how to draw the presence of God into your life and begin to take His Presence into every area of this broken world.

Higher Calling -Becoming A Vessel Of Honor

As our nation continues to face challenges and crises, we feel that the Lord is transitioning us into a new era where revival is drawing near. Many people, of all races and generations, are feeling the tug of moving into a higher calling.

What if that tug was from the Creator Himself to propel you into your God-ordained higher calling that Paul refers to in Philippians 3:13-14? In his most activating book yet, Pastor Mark Daniel dives deep into the fullness and power of what Christ does to give us a robust, enriched, Spirit-led life that fulfills His purposes for this time in history.

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